Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the Maldives restarts for Tourism during today, 15th of july.

Travellers must not have to test to the new coronavirus or provide certificates of non-contamination to enter the archipelago, but if they show symptoms or a high fever, they will be tested at their own expenses at the Maldives airport.

Tourists must present proof of booking at only one accommodation unit in the Maldives during their entire stay.

The visa to enter the Maldives will be given on arrival, free of charge, to any foreigner.

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism has prepared an information document on all measures to be taken at this stage, which you can view here in full detail: .

If you are in the Maldives and have questions regarding COVID-19, you can contact the following telephone line provided by the Government of the Maldives: 1676.

If you are stranded in the Maldives and intend to leave, you should contact the Embassy of Portugal in New Delhi, via email , which will be able to indicate options for special flights for the repatriation of European citizens from Maldives.

A tight and virtual HUG to you! Fátima C. Brízio

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