Dear Friends,


Welcome again!

Today is a very special day, we are back to our activity, we take up what we never failed to do, look ahead, believe and assume our responsibilities, before YOU!

We started this year as always, with the same joy, emotion, desire to make things happen that are so characteristic of us! As circumstances changed us like loops and made us cross a long desert, and the oasis is still far from being seen.

But we do not give up, we do not lower our arms, we are always ready to fight and discover new ways, and it is with great happiness that we open our doors again and we are ready to welcome you with all the safety and hygiene procedures that the “new normal” demands.

Along with APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) and Turismo de Portugal, we have prepared a welcome video for you! You can see it here:[0]=68.ARDauRar4iniOwjA60ot6GZA7Ro66kvFM93-AewcfACq4bYS8MXTPY62WYxJ7vyaSo09xBUojAEquZlgOleRRay-iLuwE6GcPU3JitY83T9pIVuoqX-irK2J8WlHw-yNzlUNhKHvuIVuhUx550ByPExr6vur51hx8kIO1M0AwZt6z9um6xwhMeLh-sKt9V7QhaTKUD0cVQnSi4JuZXYb0WuxfshfCUnajr6L8RJdxM5PvBABwmb2ChJgxiPswNetzo7LIUFVLOXR3FJRtAomt5JOt1GY41WtKXuRrUu8TTwWGG7Mvd-X6Ml9lG5HnEzBOBT9pZQ-0hpuVv-Au0pIK4w6K8N4v8aA&tn=-R !

Come and visit us, we miss you! Monday to Saturday - 10 am to 1 pm

"Life can change from one day to the next... And that dream trip becomes a nightmare... Everything seemed so simple at first, and now, everything has become more complicated!

But it was urgent to come back, to return home, and it is in these moments that we see who is beside us, who has always been ready to listen to us! And those who chose a Travel Agency, had their return guaranteed in safety!

And those who didn't even travel, invested in that destination and were unable to leave home! In addition to the global distress scenario, they unsuccessfully fought for a refund... But Travel Agencies never stopped! They were always united, established agreements, fought day after day to find the best solutions and came face to face! And now we know that all your customers will be reimbursed!

Because life is like this, unpredictable, inconsistent, and that is why it is so important to know that someone is always on your side, even in the worst moments! You can count on the best, our Agencies, APAVT!

True Traveller, together with Turismo de Portugal and APAVT, welcomes you!

Here we are, after a period of learning, we were all learning to receive you better, to see you safe, to fly, in our country or abroad! The important thing is that you are confident that we have done everything to welcome you well and better!

With the Clean & Safe Badge, here we are, with open arms, to welcome you!

Thank you for your trust in us!

Let's go back to travel! Let's start living again! And Travel Agents, those who never gave up, are waiting for you again!"

A tight and virtual HUG to you that will soon be REAL! Fátima C. Brízio

WE have your dream TRAVEL