Dearest Friends,

Traveling is also discovering new aromas, experiencing different flavors and tasting other palates. Likewise, we begin a new season, in which we will travel through the typical dishes of different destinations.

Venham know us, delight us!

Elected for 5 years as the best culinary destination in the world, Peru is a country that seduces lovers of a memorable gastronomy. With a rich cultural heritage that mixes the culinary traditions of two immigrants, with a rich Andean biodiversity, Lima preserves some obligatory traits for those who want to experience the most emblematic Peruvian dish: ceviche.

It is prepared using raw fish, onions, pepper, red mille and other ingredients that can vary a little, all cooked in lemon broth. It is a dish with a very characteristic flavor and quite sought after, in various songs of the world.

In order for us to taste, let us meet chef Pía León, born and raised in Lima, that scene of abundance is a gift – and that is what she tries to transmit to the world through her gastronomy. Elected the best chef in the world in 2021 by acclaimed ranking 50 Best, she stands out for exploring the rich ecosystem of her country in the kitchen of the Central restaurant (which she runs with her husband, and also chef Virgilio Martínez) and the Kjolle restaurant, which It opened in 2018.

We leave with the recipe with which she surprised and challenged the participants of MarteChef Brasil:

- 1 tooth of alcohol
- 2 units of lemon
- 1/2 posta de peixe
- 6 scallops
- 25 g of nuts
- 10 g of amaranth (a grain that despite not being from the family of two grains, can be substituted for rice)
- 50 g of polvilho (The polvilho, also called manioc starch, carimã or gum, is the manioc starch.)
- 50g of rubber
- 5 ml corante de milho
- 5 cm of aipo
- 100 ml of water
- 10 ml of soybean oil
- 50 ml of abacate oil
- 50 ml of urucum oil

Dilute the powder and corante vermelho de milho in water and lightly over the stove until it thickens and thickens.
Place a hot film in a shape, stretching well to rubber and let it dehydrate for 30 minutes in the oven. Break and fry by immersion in vegetable oil.
Cut or fish, or aipo, onion, or alho, water, or suco de limão and or salt. Peneire and correct or salt, pepper and acidity.
Cut two small bouquets of centers and reserve.
Cook the amaranth with water and salt. After cooked, peneire and fry in urucum oil.
For the foam, chop 6 scallops with 50 ml of water and 50 ml of abacate oil. Pass chinoy hair, creme de leite, ½ lemon and correct or salt. Place the siphon with a gas cylinder.

Assembly: cut 4 scallops into 4 pieces. Place the scallops in the center, crescent on top or leite de tigre até to cover. Also add drops of scallop foam with the siphon and finish with amaranth, center sprout and crispy powder.

¡Que aproveche!

Fátima C. Brízio